Rustic wedding ideas to steal

Rustic weddings are becoming more and more popular; it’s an amazing look to go for if you want a relaxed and simple wedding day, or you and your partner are not into an elegant wedding affair and would prefer something more natural and organic.

Here are some ideas to add rustic elements to your special day:

  1. Think about the lighting: Rather than fancy chandeliers, or the usual fairy lights, opt for something more natural. A lattice looking light fixture or bold hanging naked globes are a great option for something rustic.
  2. Add details to your seats: Embellish your ceremony seats with fresh natural greenery to enhance the natural look of your surroundings, especially if you’ve chosen an outdoor ceremony space.
  3. Go organic with your bouquet: Instead of the usual classic floral bouquet, go for something unique and natural for you and your girls. An amazing idea is dried lavender or a bunch of baby’s breath and fresh herbs, looks and smells amazing as you walk down the aisle too!
  4. Keep your menu seasonal: To stick with the rustic theme, source your ingredients locally and use them in the creation of your meals to have a farm-to-table approach.
  5. Use wood as decor elements: Wood is a beautiful option when you’re looking for something natural to enhance every element of your day. Go for plain, beautiful wooden tables and wooden chairs with pops of greenery and patterned cushions.
  6. Keep the florals effortless: A rustic vibe is created when it looks like every element was pre-existent, so don’t try too hard to make things look a certain way, let them fall as they are so it looks natural and organic.

Rustic weddings are one of our favourites; they transport guests to another place with their blend of vintage, country and nature and pops of unique decor elements. Take a page from our book and use our tips above to get the rustic feel right on your big day.