The pros and cons of seasonal weddings

Now that you're engaged, you need to decide when you want to have your wedding. But before you make your choice, think carefully about the type of wedding you envision having, and whether this goes with the season that's happening at the time of your dream date. Want a relaxed beach wedding? Probably best to steer clear of the Winter months. Want a long sleeved dress? Think about the cooler months of the year when you're most likely to need sleeves to keep you toasty.

We weigh up the best and worst parts of each season, so you don't have to.



  1. If you've always wanted a cozy, warm feeling for your wedding, this is the season for you! Think candles, dimmed lighting, rugs and furs everywhere.

  2. The scenery (which often includes fresh snowfall) makes for the most dreamy wedding pictures ever.

  3. It's a budget saver. This is usually the slowest season for wedding venues and vendors, so you'll probably be able to save more than you think if you opt for a Winter wedding.


  1. You're often competing with holidays, so getting all your guests to attend can be tricky. A Christmas wedding is perfect if you've got a smaller guest list, so you won't mind if a few people are away and can't make it.

  2. The weather can be unpredictable. It's stressful because of possible snow storms which can cause havoc for transportation of guests and the bridal party. The sun also rises and sets earlier, which means your schedule for the day could be affected.

  3. Your bridal party (and you!) could freeze to death unless looked after properly. Make sure you have an extra fur or jacket to go with your dress, and allow your bridesmaids to wear long-sleeved dresses, closed shoes and tights if need be!



  1. The colors are perfect for those wanting a more pastel toned wedding, not to mention the natural beauty of the season, which means extra details in your wedding photos (like trees in full bloom!)

  2. There are no dress restrictions. The weather is more neutral, so if you've always dreamt of a long-sleeved dress it won't be too warm for one, but it's also not too cold for a short-sleeved dress either. Winning!


  1. Allergies need to be considered. If you, your groom or any of your bridal party (and even guests) suffer with severe allergies, this is not a good time of the year for a wedding. Sniffles, watering eyes and sneezes are not good sounds (or looks) for the wedding ceremony and photos!

  2. It's a popular season of the year, so your most loved vendors may be unavailable (get in there early!). If they are available, they may have upped their prices slightly because of demand.



  1. If you're a night owl couple, this is ideal for you! Avoid the heat of the day and opt for an early evening wedding instead. Have your ceremony at 6pm like the couple below (while it's still light but not too hot) and then serve a delicious dinner afterwards. This also means there's no need to rush getting ready on the day, and you can sneak in some incredible pictures before the ceremony has even happened!

  2. Fruits are in season, beautiful cheeses are available and meats are fresh which equals a delicious and light wedding feast. Catering is so much fun with Summer weddings, and people are often less hungry (or in need of comfort food) so you don't have to spend too much or work too hard to make people happy and satisfied!


  1. If you're a bride that sweats, make up could become an issue. If you're heat sensitive, your full face of make up could be melted or smudged a few hours into the day, so make sure you have someone to touch things up (or pick a cooler season!).

  2. People may have booked way in advance for their Summer vacations, so they may be unable to attend. If your engagement is longer and you have more time to give people notice, then do! You don't want people missing out because they'd already planned and paid for a holiday instead.



  1. If you've been pining after a deeper wedding color scheme, then this is the season for you. Dark reds and oranges mixed with pops of purple and green are the order of the day, and these colors combine for truly magical pictures (like the one below!).

  2. Because of the natural beauty around you, you don't need to spend as much on decor, which makes Fall a budget friendly season.

  3. Fall weather is dependable and predictable, which means you can opt for an indoor or outdoor wedding without having to worry too much about any last minute crazy weather.


  1. It's not the best time financially. People may have spent their money on their Summer vacations, which makes it difficult for them to pay to attend your wedding too. Choose a venue that's close by for most people and don't expect lavish gifts either!

  2. The changing seasons can cause dry skin, and no bride wants this on her wedding day! Make sure to take extra care of your skin with moisturizer so you avoid those flaky spots.

So there you have it, the best and worst parts of each wedding season. If you've got your heart set on a specific season, then go for it! There will always be frustrations and difficulties to deal with regardless of the time of year, so don't let that get in your way too much!