Wedding hairstyles that work with hair accessories

Choosing a wedding hairstyle can be a real challenge. There are so many different options to choose from: hair up, hair down, side swept, half up half down, straight, curly or braided, to name a few! It can add to the challenge if you’re wanting to incorporate a hair accessory too, but we’ve got your back! Here are our top styles that work well with an accessory too:

  1. The low glamorous bun: The sister of the usual messy bun, this one is more intentionally styled and slicked back to create a more elegant, formal look. Add to the glamour of the style by adding in a sparkly comb at the back. Something like our Esther Comb would work wonders!
  2. The sideswept fish braid: This look is so beautiful, especially if you’re going for a more boho, quirky hair look on your big day. Incorporate an accessory by threading sparkly clips throughout the braid; our Calvina Clip Set would be perfect!
  3. The high bun: Another elegant option, especially if your hair is swept back and the bun is pronounced and large at the top of the head. Add to the hair statement by wrapping the bun in a detailed halo, like our India Full Halo to take it to the next level.

  1. Half up half down: We love the whimsical look of this style, especially with the playful knots. This is the perfect style for a veil. It can be sneakily tucked below the knots and flow down the back of your dress, ready to be easily removed after the ceremony. The Marina Veil is ideal with this style!
  2. Hanging loose: Let your natural hair hang free, either straightened or curled. Go for the wavy locks if your wedding is rustic, beachy or forest themed as this style suits these themes well. Loose locks are just ready and waiting for a headband to add that pop of glam. We love the bold and beautiful Chiara headband, sure to grab your groom’s attention and keep it throughout the day!

These aren’t even all of the hairstyle options available to brides, but they are some of our favourites for sure! To check out some more of our hair accessory options and find your perfect fit, visit our website.