Wedding veil do's and dont's

Veils are often viewed as an old-school wedding accessory, but that's definitely not the case! Veils are one of those timeless, tear-jerking pieces on the wedding day, and nowadays there are so many options, styles, colors and shapes to choose from! If you're thinking of wearing a veil on your wedding day, we say yes!

Have a look at our Do's and Dont's before you make your final veil decision:


  1. Choose a veil that will be easy to remove after the ceremony. Something with a wire comb, like ours, that can be taken out quickly and without messing up your wedding hair.

  2. Check out how the veil looks from all angles. Ask a friend or the bridal consultant to take pictures of the veil from the front, back and side to get an idea of exactly what your guests will be seeing when they look at you.

  3. Choose a veil with a blusher that is long enough to flip over your head for the long-awaited first kiss!


  1. Choose a veil that will compete for attention with your wedding dress. If your wedding dress is ornate and detailed, opt for a more simplistic veil, like our Berta drop veil. But, if you're choosing a minimalistic dress, then you can go for a more creative and decorative veil, like our Leah or Julianna veils. (All veils shown below)

  2. Wear your veil for the entire wedding day if it's long and heavy. By the time the first dance comes around, you'll probably have a major headache.

  3. Forget to match your whites and ivories! Unless you're purposely going for a mismatched look (which is very bold!), make sure your veil and dress colors match exactly, whether they're a shade of white or a shade of ivory. Mismatching these colors can look sloppy if you aren't careful.

All these veil options may seem overwhelming at first, but once you've decided on other wedding details like your dress, theme, jewelry and hair, you'll know exactly which veil makes the most sense for you. Whatever you decide, we're sure of one thing, you'll look like a veiled vision on your wedding day!